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As a business, we are competitive thanks to our low costs and efficiency along with constant innovation. The wheels are always turning and Coco is always growing!


competitive pricing with low food costs

Ingredients are prepared daily as needed, and our products are cooked to order.  We have researched ideal on-hand quantities to respond to our customers’ needs and minimize the food cost for the operator. If our guidelines are followed, it is a win-win situation for everyone. In the end, we strive to have as low a food cost as possible, since we realize its critical impact on profit margins and franchisees’ satisfaction. This enables us to maintain very competitive pricing and position ourselves within the quick service segment.

crepe creation

Anyone can make crepes, however, proper training makes a difference in the quality of the finished product and the efficiency of the operation.  The best part about making crepes, is that it's fun!

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efficient operations

Compared to other food service operations, there are minimal preparation requirements with a maximum cooking time of 8 minutes for any crepe. The quick service model provides maximum flexibility.  A well-trained operation during a busy period can run smoothly with limited staff.

versatile concept

Our concept is welcomed by landlords as it's uniqueness adds value to an area’s tenant mix.  It's adaptable in a wide range of locations and situations. This is enhanced by the fact that, in most territories, we do not need expensive exhaust systems to operate our hot plates.

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easy adaptability

A Café concept that is 1,200 to 2,000 sq ft and is stand-alone or located on shopping center endcaps is ideal. This ideal location generally features an outdoor patio to enhance the European aesthetic.

benefit of a home team

The corporate team is available Monday-Friday for day-to-day assistance and guidance throughout the franchising prcoess! 

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market growth

In today's world, consumers' demand for affordability has increased. Coco continues to expand meeting the affordability demand. With multiple franchise and development opportunities available, Coco is seeking franchisees to open locations in new territories to serve the market of affordable eateries.  


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