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why coco?

Grow with us! Become a partner with a unique and innovative franchise! The concept of Coco is creative. We are a small cafe with big ideas. The crepe is the base of an item that can be turned into anything. We have savory crepes, sweet crepes, and a cinnamon roll made from a crepe. Crepes are innovative on their own because they can be filled with a wide variety of ingredients and folded or rolled into a beautiful presentation. Coco consumers have not gotten bored of our crepes in the last 18 years. Why would they?  


Our goal is to continually increase market share in our target markets by creating loyal Coco guests that want a taste of Paris and a love of Rome. 



Our concept offers product advantage through uniqueness and authenticity. We have turned the French dessert into something that can be enjoyed at any time of the day with both sweet and savory options!

Get involved with a business that offers quality products for affordable prices and low costs. Our system is designed to work for our partners!


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